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1565% SEO Visibility Growth in 6 Months

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The ability of an SEO plan to increase targeted organic traffic to a website is what makes it so significant. A website can rank higher in search engine results pages by optimizing its content with pertinent keywords and enhancing its user experience.
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Client Background:

We are pleased to introduce one of our beloved clients to you. He is the subject of this case study. Our client acquired the company seven years ago and has extensive experience in software development and a legal background. People (Lawyers, Attorneys, and law firms) who work with law and order always struggle to manage cases. Recognizing the need for a software solution that could simplify case management for lawyers. Our beloved client founded this company to offer such a solution. Today, the company’s website serves as the platform for this innovative software, transforming how lawyers manage their cases.

Our client’s expertise in software development and the legal industry makes him uniquely qualified to understand the needs of his clients. Due to this, he offers a software solution that meets those needs. Our case study will explore his journey as a client and the success he achieved through his partnership with our company.

Campaign Goals:

The goals of our SEO campaign were to increase website exposure and drive traffic to our site. To achieve these goals, we implemented an organic SEO strategy that focused on improving our search engine rankings through keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building.

goals of our SEO

By improving our rankings, we aimed to increase our website’s visibility and attract more organic traffic. We also monitored website analytics to make data-driven decisions to continually refine our SEO strategy and achieve our campaign goals. Overall, our campaign aimed to leverage the power of SEO to increase our online presence and drive more traffic to our website.

Project Overview:

  • Client’s Industry: Legal Case Management Software
  • They started to work with us: in March 2022
  • Organic traffic then: 200 (Ahrefs) – 350 Estimated Real Traffic
  • Organic traffic now: 2.5K+ (Ahrefs) – 5.9K Estimated Real Traffic
  • Service provided: Complete SEO service
  • Pain point: Narrow niche-specific service
  • Duration: 1.6 years and counting.
  • Number of clients secured so far: 50+

The scope of the project was to provide a complete SEO service for the client’s legal case management software company. The client approached our company in March 2022 with a pain point of a narrow niche-specific service. He desired to increase his company’s online presence and drive more organic traffic to its website. Our team implemented an organic SEO strategy that focused on improving search engine rankings through keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building.

Ahref Overview

link building

Google Analytics Overview(Real traffic)

organic SEO strategy

The project’s scope was to provide a complete SEO service for the client’s legal case management software company. The client approached our company in March 2022 with a pain point of a narrow niche-specific service. He desired to increase his company’s online presence and drive more organic traffic to its website. Our team implemented an organic SEO strategy that focused on improving search engine rankings through keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building.

Ranking Keywords

keywords ranking

The goal was to increase website exposure and attract more organic traffic to the client’s website. We helped him to increase his website’s online visibility in the legal case management software industry. We continuously monitored website analytics to make data-driven decisions and refine the SEO strategy to achieve the campaign’s goals.
The project has been ongoing for a year, and the outcome is positive. With our help, the client’s organic traffic has increased from 200 (Ahrefs) to 2.5K+ (Ahrefs), resulting in an estimated real traffic increase from 350 to 5.9K+. The client has secured over 50 clients so far, which is a testament to the success of the SEO campaign.

Research and Analysis

research and analysis

Audience Research:

We did in-depth research using various sources, including online surveys, social media analytics, and site analytics, to comprehend the client’s target population. To learn more about the needs, preferences, and pain points of the company’s present and potential clients, we also interviewed them.
Our study led us to the conclusion that the small to medium-sized law firms that demand user-friendly, cloud-based legal practice management software are the target audience.

Competitor Analysis:

We looked at the legal practice management software market’s competitors and found various openings for it. As part of our analysis, we identified the main rivals, assessed their advantages and disadvantages, and identified the market gaps this software could cover. For this company to remain competitive in the market. Our team worked hard and also did pricing research.

Website Audit:

To find any technical or content-related problems that might be impairing the functionality of the website, we first audited it. The navigation, design, usability, and search engine optimization (SEO) of the website were all examined as part of our assessment.

website audit

To find problems, including slow page loads, broken links, duplicate content, and keyword gaps, we employed a variety of technologies. We used Google Analytics and SEMrush. Our conclusions led us to offer suggestions for enhancing the website’s functionality and user experience.

Strategy and Tactics:

We carried out keyword research to find the most useful and pertinent keywords to target to make sure that our client’s website is visible to its intended audience.

To find high-volume, low-competition keywords associated with legal practice management software, we used various tools, including SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner. We did that to raise the website’s rating and visibility.

strategy and tactics for SEO

Technical SEO:

To enhance the website’s user experience and search engine ranking, we made several technical optimizations. This included reducing code, enabling browser caching, and speeding up the site by compressing large images. In addition, we restored broken links and made sure the website had a logical layout that was simple to use.

To ensure that the website’s content and keywords were appropriately reflected in its metadata, such as titles and descriptions, we also optimized the website.

technical SEO

Content Marketing:

We employed various content marketing strategies, including blogging and social media marketing. Our experts worked hard to draw in and keep the target audience interested. We wrote blog entries that offered insightful commentary and guidance on law practice management software.

To make the content more interesting and shareable, we also produced visual content, such as infographics and videos. This improved the website’s exposure, traffic, and interaction with the intended audience.

content marketing

Implementation and Execution


The campaign would last for six months. To find the most useful and pertinent keywords to target, we will do preliminary keyword research throughout the initial month. The following months will be spent performing technical SEO adjustments, off-page, and link building to raise the website’s position in search results and enhance the user experience.
To draw in and keep the target audience’s attention, we will concentrate on content marketing strategies like blogging and social media marketing. Nevertheless, we will carry out keyword research on an ongoing basis throughout the campaign, depending on the client’s preferences, to make sure we maintain our position as a market leader.

Results tracking:

We employed several technologies, including Google Analytics, SEMrush, and social media analytics, to monitor and assess the campaign’s effectiveness. To track how many leads and conversions the website generates, we put up conversion tracking. We also kept an eye on the website’s organic traffic and search engine positioning, as well as the popularity and reach of our social media posts. The client received monthly reports from us that summarized the findings and offered suggestions for improvement.


During the entire campaign, we worked closely with the client and other project stakeholders. We met with the customer frequently to discuss the campaign’s development and any problems or worries.
With their marketing team, we also collaborated closely to ensure that our strategies complemented the client’s overarching marketing plan. We welcomed the client’s opinion and input throughout the project and offered regular updates and reports to them.

The Solution

the solution

Improved Content:

Our subsequent goal was to devise an efficacious content strategy. We began by gaining a profound understanding of the practices adopted by our competitors. Subsequently, we formulated a strategic course of action that would enable us to surpass the competition with superior-quality content.
We resolved to fabricate and refine content that would be imbued with greater value and information. It wasn’t long before we began to witness encouraging outcomes.

New Keyword Ideas:

We conducted meticulous research to identify pertinent keywords that could be ranked with ease, while also taking into account the keywords that our rivals were already ranking for. Our team also procured some superb keywords that had not yet been capitalized upon by our competitors.
Having secured better keywords, we were well-equipped to ascend to a higher rank than our rivals.

Better Backlink:

The need for a stronger backlink strategy to increase organic ranking, indexing, and referral traffic became clear when we improved the keywords and content.
We discovered that most of our rivals used Web 2.0, PBNs, or link farms to do this after examining their backlink profiles. To improve our position, we sought out opportunities for high-quality backlinks.


In order to obtain in-content backlinks, we ran targeted blogger outreach campaigns using reverse engineering to find high-quality chances. We were able to improve our backlink profile and compete more successfully by doing this.




The results of the website’s growth have been nothing short of remarkable. When we first began our work, the website was receiving just 180 monthly visitors. However, with our optimized strategies and focused efforts, we were able to achieve an impressive growth rate of over 1,500%, resulting in the website now receiving more than 3,000 monthly visitors.

This exponential traffic growth is a testament to the effectiveness of our approach and the positive impact it can have on the success of a website. We are thrilled with the results achieved thus far and are excited to see what further growth we can achieve in the future.

Search Engine Rankings

With the impressive growth in traffic, we have also achieved significant improvements in search engine rankings for targeted keywords. When we first began website growth optimization in 2022, the website had 980 keywords associated with it (Screenshot Below). However, our focused efforts and strategic approach have led to a dramatic increase in the number of keywords picked up by Google.

Our ranking keywords

ranking keywords

Between April 01-04-2022 and April 30, 2023, we have seen a staggering 20332 keywords associated with the website by Google. The screenshot above provides a current status update on the project, showcasing the extensive progress we have made in terms of search engine optimization.

Another ranking keywords

ranking keywords

These improvements in search engine rankings will further enhance the website’s visibility and success, solidifying its position as a leader in its industry. This continued growth and progress make us thrilled as we are reaching our goals. In the future, we look forward to seeing more success.

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