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Enhanced SEO Drives Sales Growth for The Chemical Company

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Enhanced SEO Drives Sales Growth for Indiana-Based Chemical Company

The Challenge

At the outset of our SEO efforts in early 2023, we encountered several significant challenges for a prominent chemical manufacturing company based in Indiana, which primarily operated its business offline:

SEO challenge

Unfriendly Website Structure:The website’s structure was not user-friendly, making it difficult for visitors to navigate and find information effectively.

Complex Ecommerce Purchase Options: While the website was intended for ecommerce, the user purchase process was overly complex, potentially hindering conversions.

Incomplete Product Descriptions: Despite a wide range of products, many lacked comprehensive descriptions, making it challenging for customers to make informed decisions.

Low Website Authority: Despite the company’s strong offline reputation, the website had low authority in the digital sphere, affecting its visibility in search engines.

Unoptimized Pages: The website’s pages were not optimized for search engines, impacting its search rankings and discoverability.

Technical SEO Issues: Numerous technical SEO issues existed on the site, such as broken links, slow page speed, and duplicate content, which required immediate attention.

Domain Redirection Challenges: We needed to implement domain redirection strategies to update the website’s structure without losing existing traffic and data.

Local SEO: One of the significant challenges we encountered was the lack of exposure in local SEO. The websites in question had minimal to no local SEO exposure, making it difficult to tap into the local customer base and attract nearby potential clients.

In response to these challenges, we formulated a comprehensive solution to enhance the online presence and address these obstacles.

The SEO Solution

The Solution

In response to the identified challenges, we implemented the following solutions to enhance the online presence and rectify these issues:

Unfriendly Website Structure: We undertook a comprehensive website redesign, making it more user-friendly. This included the creation of spotlight pages to showcase media coverage and the implementation of an intuitive navigation system for improved user experience.

Complex Ecommerce Purchase Options: To simplify the purchase process and reduce user confusion, we introduced new, user-friendly purchase options. These were consolidated into a single, easily accessible row, allowing users to navigate and purchase products with ease.

Incomplete Product Descriptions: To address the issue of inadequate product descriptions, we meticulously added detailed descriptions for all available products. This comprehensive approach ensures that customers can make well-informed decisions when browsing the site.

Low Website Authority: Recognizing the disparity between the offline reputation of the company and the website’s low online authority, we board on a delicate approach to enhance digital authority. This involved securing media coverage and creating backlinks from reputable websites, among other strategies.

Unoptimized Pages: We conducted a thorough optimization process for each page on the website, following industry-standard SEO practices. This effort aimed to improve the search engine rankings of each page, ensuring that the website’s content would be discoverable.

Technical SEO Issues: The company’s website faced several technical SEO issues, including broken links, slow page loading times, and duplicate content. Our team meticulously addressed these issues, rectifying broken links, optimizing page speed, and eliminating duplicate content. We also resolved other technical concerns relevant to the website.

Technical SEO Issues: One of our most significant challenges was seamlessly redirecting the previous domain to the new one without any loss of authority or traffic. Our dedicated team worked tirelessly to execute this complex process successfully, ensuring that the transition occurred seamlessly, even working day and night to guarantee minimal disruption to traffic and data.

Local SEO Enhancement: We incorporated local SEO strategies by creating and optimizing a Google Business listing. This involved adding the company’s products to the listing, optimizing reviews, and implementing various tactics to improve local visibility and engagement.

the result

The Result

Our collective efforts in addressing the challenges and implementing the solutions yielded significant results for the company:

Website Restructure: The website underwent a complete restructuring, becoming more user-friendly with spotlight pages for media coverage and improved navigation, resulting in a more engaging and accessible for users.

Increased Orders: By simplifying the ecommerce purchase options and consolidating them into a user-friendly format, the website is getting a notable increase in orders, with users finding it easier to make purchases.

Enhanced Website Health: The addition of comprehensive product descriptions, along with technical SEO fixes, optimized pages, and resolved issues, significantly improved the overall health and performance of the website.

Traffic Increase: Through a refined approach that enhanced the website’s authority and improved SEO practices, we witnessed a substantial increase in website traffic, contributing to a more prominent online presence for the company.

Local SEO Enhancement: The introduction of local SEO strategies, including the creation and optimization of a Google Business listing with added products and improved reviews, resulted in the client receiving orders from local SEO efforts and increased exposure in the Indiana area. This further strengthened the company’s reach and relevance in its local market.

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